Pioneering a New Age
of Oxygen Equilibrium

As your team ventures into groundbreaking research, patient care enhancement, or redefining the boundaries of the human body's capabilities, OxyDial's innovative Oxygen-Hemoglobin Equilibrium blood testing instrument and cloud platform, currently under rigorous testing, shows promising potential to support your goals, anytime, anywhere.

This product is not yet approved by the FDA - any information provided is based on ongoing testing results.

Great Research Requires
Great Equipment

Propel Your OEC Testing into the 21st Century with OxyDial

OxyDial’s new OEC test instrument, still under development and testing, leverages state-of-the-art hardware and a custom-built cloud platform, aiming to deliver the fastest, simplest, and most portable Oxygen-Hemoglobin testing instrument in the industry.

Precision Targeted

Strives to exceed current stationary lab equipment by 10x*

Speed Focused

Aims to be 2x times faster than the closest competitor*

Minimally Invasive

Potential to require just one drop of blood, enabling possibilities for pediatric studies*

Simple Operation

Aims to require no instrument calibration or messy blood preparation*

Intuitive Platform

Our cloud platform is designed with features to integrate seamlessly with clinical trial systems and consolidate studies from any testing location*

Compact & Transportable

Aspires to allow for clinical trials in remote areas across the globe due to its small size and lightweight construction*

*These attributes are projected outcomes based on current testing, and have not yet been approved or validated by the FDA.

OxyDial was created to help push boundaries - to improve and expand critical healthcare for those who need it most, to accelerate and streamline the pace of medical research, and to explore the limits of what the human body can do. In particular, we focus on leveraging our technology in order to help improve the lives of those afflicted with genetic diseases and blood disorders like Sickle Cell Disease.

The Oxygen-Hemoglobin
Equilibrium Curve

A core method for understanding and tracking blood test results, the Oxygen-Hemoglobin Equilibrium Curve enables medical professionals to understand the relationship between the amount of oxygen in your blood and the amount of hemoglobin capable of binding to that oxygen.

This helps determine how much oxygen can be delivered to the tissues in your body, and is critically important for diagnosing many medical conditions like anemia and pulmonary diseases.

Limitations of Currently Available OEC Testing Equipment

  • Calibration & Maintenance

    Frequent calibration and ongoing cleaning and maintenance to remain operable.

  • Testing Time

    A single test takes a minimum of 30 minutes to process, due to the long oxygenation and deoxygenation period.

  • Blood Required

    50-100 uL of blood for a single test, making it unsuitable for infants and inapplicable for animal testing.

  • Data Transfer

    Inefficient software limits the ability to collect data, integrate with other systems, and can cause data loss.

Currently-available OEC blood testing devices have several shortcomings as a result of the lack of major development or advancement in the last two decades – the devices are heavy and hard to calibrate, and are both imprecise and slow to provide results.

Our Innovation Journey

Striving to deliver unique capabilities and enhancements to our clients, our team is continuously exploring and testing innovative technologies across the OxyDial platform and device.

Best-In-Class Hardware

Using the latest advancements in hardware and computing technology, our OEC testing instrument aims to provide faster results in a more portable, simpler, and user-friendly format*.

Cutting-Edge Software

Our purpose-built cloud platform is designed for seamless integration with external systems while enabling automatic upload and storage of collected data from across the globe*.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We believe in providing exceptional support to our clients. Our ambition is to deliver world-class care and support at every stage of our partnerships, ensuring a customer-centric approach as we continue our testing and development process*.

*These features and customer service goals are based on ongoing tests and have not yet been validated or approved by the FDA.