Our history, the goals that drive us, and why we’re here to help make a difference for people across the globe.

Our team and I have dedicated our careers to building products that help people.

From products that provide customer support and care, to simplifying solutions for natural disaster victims. I have worked for many years developing platforms for cardiac patients, helping improve outcomes for people with chronic illnesses. We developed OxyDial’s instrument with the goal of reducing the daily struggle of Sickle-Cell Disease, and we dedicate our work to the millions of people who continue to fight the disease every single day.

Olek Shestakov

Co-Founder and CEO

A New Tool to Combat SCD

What is SCD? Sickle Cell Anemia, also called Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a genetic disease causing an abnormality in a person’s oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. It begins to present problems at around 5 to 6 months of age, and limits the average life expectancy of afflicted persons to between 40 and 60 years.
SCD Testing To analyze the efficiency of their SCD treatments, doctors and researchers use specialized equipment to run blood tests, specifically tracking the patient’s Oxygen–hemoglobin Equilibrium Curve (OEC).

Sickle Cell Statistics

SCD afflicts millions of people worldwide, with a further 300M people carrying the genetic trait for the disease.


Number of
people with SCD


Mortality rate
for ages 0-3


Average SCD life
expectancy in US


Average SCD life expectancy
in Tanzania, Africa

Additional Industries & Use-Cases

Beyond our priority focus on SCD, OxyDial’s OEC testing platform holds potential for trials and tests across diverse clinical and non-clinical applications.

*All potential use cases mentioned below are based on ongoing tests, and have not yet been validated or approved by the FDA.

Scientific Applications

With faster testing, more accurate results, and a more portable footprint, OxyDial helps accelerate scientific research across a multitude of applications.

Pharmaceutical Applications

OxyDial gives pharmaceutical teams more data for less effort, enabling rapid progress on cutting-edge research

Advanced Athletic Training and Research

Professional athletic organizations benefit from the faster testing, intuitive data monitoring, and enhanced training capabilities provided by OxyDial.

High Altitude Adaptation Testing

For alpinists, climbers, and snow sport professionals, the OxyDial platform delivers unparalleled testing accuracy with minimal discomfort.

Urgent Care

When time matters most, the fastest, simplest, and most accurate option is always best for ER staff, first responders, and other healthcare professionals.

Chronic Patients Care

Continuous patient monitoring and minimally invasive testing enable healthcare practitioners to deliver the best possible care to patients of any kind.