Expand Your Reach

The OxyDial Services Suite, currently under rigorous testing, is anticipated to provide a wide range of additional capabilities, exceptional customer support, and support for bespoke integration with a wide variety of external platforms.

Exceeding Expectations

In our ongoing trial phase, we aim for the OxyDial Services Suite to deliver where other systems don’t. Our goal is to leverage our team’s expertise with software, hardware, and customer support to extend your organization’s capabilities comprehensively.

Our Dedicated Service Channels

Cloud SaaS

Our system under development aims to provide all you need to capture, store, and collaborate on test data and trial results, with potential access to world-class custom solution services for enhanced customization, configuration, and integration.

OEC Research

We're striving to enhance and optimize your research with ongoing R&D Collaboration, scientific analysis, testing and verification, and advanced OEC Analytics under examination.

OEC Research

  • R&D Collaboration

    OxyDial partners with industry leaders and world-class experts to design and build the next generation of medical testing instruments.

  • Testing and Verification

    We work with partners and clients to review, verify, and validate test results across a wide range of testing parameters.

  • Advanced OEC Analytics

    Our objective is to support your team with OxyDial’s team of world-class data experts. We aim to offer a variety of data analytics services to help accelerate and optimize your research.

    • Sigmoidal Curve Analysis
    • Data Modeling
    • Hill Plot Analysis

Cloud SaaS Platform

Services that Matter

The OxyDial Cloud SaaS Platform gives researchers the ultimate tool for capturing and managing trial data, and we take great pride in delivering a platform that is secure, intuitive, and easy to use at every level.

Ease of Use

A customer-centric design and intuitive UI allows your team to focus on their research, and not on complicated interfaces.

Data Storage

Automatic cloud upload and data backup ensure that your information is secure, and always just a click away.

Platform Auditing

Comprehensive audit tracking gives your team complete access to all test parameters, trial results, and other key data at any time.

Data Reporting

Extract the information you need in seconds, thanks to OxyDial’s in-depth reporting tools and direct data export capabilities.

Cloud UI

The OxyDial cloud platform is designed to be fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Your team can collaborate and access all information, trial data, and test results directly from their web browser.

  • Modern UI is easy to use, requiring minimal training
  • Intuitive reporting and dashboard views of test results
  • Collaborate with team members anywhere in the world
  • Directly export into CSV

Data Storage

Never worry about losing critical data or test results again – OxyDial automatically backs up all information to the cloud for secure, immediate access and export at any time.

  • Automatic cloud backup
  • All data is stored in dedicated servers
  • Full compliance with all regulatory requirements


The OxyDial Platform provides a comprehensive suite of OEC analytics capabilities. We help researchers and medical professionals to
accelerate and optimize their studies, helping achieve research objectives more efficiently.

  • Sigmoidal Curve Analysis
  • Hill Plot Analysis
  • Validation Alarms


The OxyDial cloud platform includes full audit records for all tests and trials, giving your team a complete picture of every operation. We aim to track all details and variables, ensuring that you’re always able to review the exact parameters of each test you conduct.

  • Full audit logs created for every test
  • Audit logs include all test variables and results
  • Direct export of all audit logs for easy review

Custom Solution Services

Our in-house development team is hard at work on designing, developing, and integrating enterprise platforms. We are devoted to putting our clients first, ensuring the quality of our work, and being available at every step of the way.

  • Configurable Platform Design
  • Dedicated Integration with External Systems
  • Novel AI-Enhanced Applications

Support & Customer Success

OxyDial’s Support Team is geared to ensure that your researchers have the help they need, from quick technical questions to comprehensive training sessions.

  • Customer Success

    Our dedicated Customer Success Managers are committed to assisting your team at every step of the way.

  • Training & Education

    We aim to simplify your startup journey with custom training and usecase-specific onboarding tailored to your unique needs.

  • Hardware & Software Support

    Our direct support teams are diligently working with every part of the OxyDial platform and aim to be available at any time.

* Please note that all descriptions of our services and their capabilities are based on ongoing trials and are subject to change. OxyDial’s product is currently under development and has not yet received FDA approval.