Charm, an AI tool called Cryosection Histopathology Assessment and Review Machine, has been developed to assist doctors in identifying crucial characteristics of aggressive brain tumors known as gliomas. It quickly analyzes images to predict a tumor’s genetic profile, allowing doctors to proceed with appropriate treatment without the need for additional surgeries. While Charm’s accuracy may not match current genetic tests, it can efficiently distinguish between malignant and benign tumor cells and determine the tumor’s aggressiveness grade, potentially eliminating the need for a pathologist during surgery. The research conducted by the team behind Charm contributes to the growing use of AI in enhancing cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Gliomas, especially the aggressive subtype glioblastoma, have a high fatality rate, with untreated cases leading to death within six months. The AI tool Charm outperformed other AI systems in identifying tumor genetic profiles. The tool significantly aids surgeons in making critical decisions about tissue removal and treatment options, as they heavily rely on the tumor’s genetic profile. This technology contributes to the broader initiative of using AI to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment, as highlighted in a recent editorial that emphasized the accuracy of specific AI systems in identifying individuals at high risk of various types of cancer.

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