AstraZeneca and Malaysia’s National Cancer Institute are collaborating on a groundbreaking initiative, Projek SAPU, to revolutionize lung health screening in Malaysia. The project introduces cutting-edge AI X-ray technology to enable early lung screening at government clinics and hospitals. This partnership positions IKN as the first government institution in Malaysia to implement AI-driven lung screening technology. The primary goal of Projek SAPU is to encourage the adoption of AI X-ray screening within government healthcare facilities, bridging the gap in screening accessibility and identifying patients in the early stages of cancer.

AstraZeneca’s involvement in this initiative aligns with its commitment to digitize healthcare and employ innovative technologies. The project is an extension of AstraZeneca’s Lung Ambition Alliance program and aims to improve early screening and research in lung care. The AI technology deployed in Projek SAPU can detect over 30 lung-related diseases, including COVID-19 and tuberculosis. This collaboration not only transforms lung health screening in Malaysia but also sets the stage for the country to embrace AI technology in healthcare, providing accessible and early screening for improved patient outcomes.

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