Preliminary Phase I results for etavopivat show promising impact on sickle cell disease (SCD) in trial patients. Led by Dr. Saraf Santosh of the University of Illinois Chicago, the ongoing trial of Novo Nordisk‘s SCD drug, etavopivat, demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the oral treatment.

The study included 36 patients, with the open-label cohort showing promising results – including increased hemoglobin levels, reduced hemolysis, and improved red blood cell physiology. Overall, etavopivat shows growing potential in improving outcomes for patients with SCD, with sustained increases in hemoglobin and positive changes in various biomarkers.

The OxyDial team is glad to see the continued success of these trials and the potential for existing formulas to help relieve SCD symptoms, potentially serving as a safe treatment for both it and other inherited blood disorders.

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