Moderna and IBM have announced a partnership to develop generative artificial intelligence and quantum computing to advance mRNA technology, the foundation of Moderna’s Covid vaccine. The collaboration will enable Moderna to access IBM’s quantum computing systems and use IBM’s generative AI model, MoLFormer, to develop a new class of vaccines and therapies.

IBM’s experts will help Moderna scientists explore quantum technologies, which solve complex problems that traditional computers cannot. The partnership comes as Moderna seeks to harness its mRNA technology to target other diseases as the world emerges from the pandemic. IBM has also invested in AI, with a recent partnership with NASA to develop AI foundation models for climate science.

The collaboration between Moderna and IBM will allow the companies to prepare for the era of quantum computing and AI, game-changing technologies that will transform the future of healthcare. The partnership will enable Moderna to accelerate its discovery and creation of new messenger RNA vaccines and therapies. At the same time, IBM will provide its expertise in quantum technologies and AI to support Moderna’s scientists.

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