Multiple Biopharma giants have announced substantial investments in France under the country’s “Choose France” initiative. Pfizer pledged €500 million over five years to focus on clinical research and trials, particularly for sickle cell disease and multiple myeloma. Industry leaders including AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Sanofi also announced plans for strategic investments to help boost the country’s pharmaceutical production capabilities. AstraZeneca’s €365 million pledge will go to enhancing their Dunkirk manufacturing facilities, and other biopharma companies, including AbbVie, GSK, Chiesi Group, and Kenvue, also announced sizable investments.

At OxyDial, our mission is to help streamline the research and development of new treatments for inherited blood disorders. We’re thrilled to see strategic investments that expand the possibilities for research and trials that improve the quality of life for affected patients worldwide.

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