The latest results from the ongoing tests of AstraZeneca Roxadustat show that the oral drug may be a safe and effective option for patients with myelofibrosis who develop anemia due to other treatments. Without Roxadustat, the treatments for myelofibrosis can cause many patients to suffer from anemia, often requiring full blood transfusions. With Roxadustat, two cases were presented where patients saw an improvement in hemoglobin levels and reduced anemia symptoms after treatment. The erythrocyte count increased in the bone marrow of both patients, leading to positive dynamics in treating this dangerous condition. With these findings suggesting that Roxadustat can significantly relieve symptoms, further trials have been secured to continue testing the efficacy of the drug.

At OxyDial, we’re eager to see continued progress in the fight against anemia and other blood disorders; with our shared goal of improving treatments and quality of life for patients worldwide.

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